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21 May 2014
The UNFCCC has taken significant steps to promote women's increased participation in the global climate change negotiations process. It's a gain for gender equality, but gaps remain
19 May 2014
How can civil society promote public awareness and scrutiny? Two civil society practitioners recently shared their experiences during IIED's second Legal Tools webinar
16 May 2014
We need to strengthen the capacity of people with disabilities so they can access the resources needed to adapt to climate change, says the Kathmandu Declaration that was launched last month
9 May 2014
What will you bring to the table to address the challenges of climate change? Emilie Parry, a volunteer at CBA8, draws comparisons between her recent experiences in Nepal and her time in Haiti
2 May 2014
By increasing Chinese reporting on Africa, its public can learn about the environmental and development challenges associated with Chinese investment and consumption decisions
2 May 2014
"In Our World" relates to IIED's world of environment and development. It connects us with what's going on in both the real world and online worlds
1 May 2014
As everyone increasingly experiences changes associated with a warming planet, does a global phenomenon like climate change affect people in the same way?
29 April 2014
Is a problem shared a problem halved? This is the question that sprang to mind this week in Nepal as participants of CBA8 met for the pre-conference field trips
29 April 2014
Many of the 500 million small farms that produce the bulk of food consumed in developing countries have no access to modern energy services. Why doesn't more research and innovation focus on getting energy to them?
29 April 2014
After several years of negotiations, a framework has been agreed to compensate developing nations for avoiding deforestation. IIED hosted a conference to examine what happens now