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24 May 2012
The panelists, Tony Cunningham MP (Labour), Martin Horwood MP (Liberal Democrats),
24 May 2012
IIED is playing an important role in getting government representatives and environmentalists together at our
10 May 2012
People living in informal settlements are often deliberately left out of official surveys and maps. Now they're documenting themselves.
10 May 2012
The children in Hong Ca commune, Vietnam, know that practising rescue drills can save lives in the event of a real natural disaster.
8 May 2012
How do you estimate the cost of adapting to the impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities, and involve stakeholders in identifying the costs and benefits of the approaches identified?
26 April 2012
Given that the theme of the 6th International conference on community-based adaptation to climate change was communications, it's only fitting that participants embraced social media with open arms.
22 April 2012
I have no weather forecasts to predict regional rains so I don’t know if I need to invest in crop insurance or not. I gamble and lose.
21 April 2012
Ngan lives in a village called Ri in the remote highlands of Vietnam's Thanh Hoa province. It's beautiful. Everywhere you look is green-green-green, from the forested limestone mountains that look like the humps of long dead dragons to the flat sheets of emerald rice fields that shimmer in the sun.
19 April 2012
Mike’s advice was shared as part of a Dragon’s Den session, where practitioners at the conference worked in groups to come up with a story and pitch it to two journalists as part of the
19 April 2012
It might talk about the people living in the cave thousands of years ago.