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19 April 2012
Mike’s advice was shared as part of a Dragon’s Den session, where practitioners at the conference worked in groups to come up with a story and pitch it to two journalists as part of the
19 April 2012
It might talk about the people living in the cave thousands of years ago.
17 April 2012
Well-fed women smile out from under their hats as they pull in their catch of fish, shrimp and crabs from the mangrove forest. The simple images are in an educational booklet on the benefits of mangroves, with tips on how to grow seedlings.
17 April 2012
We were in Da Loc commune, a sleepy part of Vietnam’s Thanh Hoa province. It’s a place that on a single day witnessed both the fury and the protective power of nature.
11 April 2012
But mainstream businesses have worked with standards for a long time – today's International Standards Organisation (ISO) has its origins nearly 100
5 April 2012
Following the 2008 global food price hikes and riots, national governments and transnational corporations are increasingly interested in investing in large-scale African agricultural projects. While these land acquisitions gather pace, 925 million people remain undernourished worldwide, with 239 million living in sub-Saharan Africa. In this new context, the question is not only how sustainable large-scale industrial agriculture is, but also what model of food production and farming is most effective in addressing the question of hunger – and for whom.
5 April 2012
This is not an unusual story in Tanzania. Newspapers are being filled with “land grab” headlines. Stories about displacement and dodgy land deals are becoming normal street-side conversation.
30 March 2012
Protecting forests from illegal logging and helping them to flourish is of paramount importance in the fight against climate change.  But of equal importance is ensuring that systems of forest management are helping to pull those dependent on forests out of poverty. 
29 March 2012
Nearly a week has passed since a group of mid-level officers led by Captain Sanogo carried out a coup d'etat in Mali's capital, Bamako.