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27 March 2012
If someone had peeked into room seven at the Excel centre yesterday they would have seen small groups clustered around tables talking animatedly and scribbling notes onto large pieces of paper. They were part of a World Café session discussing how to ensure poor people can benefit from the green economy.
26 March 2012
It all started with a stroll. In 2007, residents of Xiamen, in Fujian province, decided they didn’t want a company that made a harmful chemical called paraxylene in their city. Using text messages they arranged peaceful demonstrations. The strolls soon spread into vast street protests and before long the local government had responded to their calls and relocated the chemical plant.
19 March 2012
Recognition of the role of markets and the private sector in contributing to sustainable development has been growing strongly in recent years.
15 March 2012
Water and water crises will dominate the news this week from Marseille, where the sector convenes for its triennial global meeting, the World Water Forum. Some 33,000 participants attended the last one, in Istanbul in 2009, and similar numbers are expected this year.
15 March 2012
Indigenous people and local communities have received few benefits from the commercial use of the wealth of traditional crops and medicinal knowledge they have developed.
9 March 2012
New technologies and the involvement of the private sector are needed to tackle climate change emissions and power the world said Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the
28 February 2012
Land acquisitions in Africa have often been portrayed as a development opportunity or as land grabbing.
22 February 2012
Forests cover almost half of Indonesia’s surface but, because growing new tree plantations and sustainably managing forests has historically not kept pace with the country’s extensive timber proce
22 February 2012
"Land grabs" are now one of the biggest issues in Africa.
21 February 2012
A group of the world’s leading scientists and experts in sustainable development – and all past winners of the Blue Planet Prize – call