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10 July 2012
Among the experts and practitioners attending Fair Ideas, a group of highly-engaged students discussed the future of our generation, questioned speakers, filmed short video interviews and brainsto
4 July 2012
Two safeguards for communities' rights to resources can help implement the Nagoya Protocol.
3 July 2012
While the outcomes from Rio +20 may not currently give grounds for much optimism, its value is likely to be in less tangible, longer-term changes in attitudes and understanding.
27 June 2012
Or, at least, about communicating about it. Corporates are using innovative social media approaches when talking about sustainability — non-profits should take note.
27 June 2012
Will China address the consequences of its growing consumption and production, or continue with business as usual?
26 June 2012
Actions urgently needed to protect ecosystems are costly, and money doesn’t rain down from the sky or grow from the trees. Or does it?
26 June 2012
The potential role of the forest sector in emerging bio-economies is immense. Vietnam has spotted the potential and is driving the sustainable management and expansion of its forests.
25 June 2012
Rio+20 failed to deliver any significant globally binding agreements on energy. Will voluntary Sustainable Energy For All initiative commitments fare any better?
18 June 2012
When stakeholders at IIED's Fair Ideas conference in Rio discussed how the mining industry has fared in meeting the Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development initiative (MMSD) agenda set 10 years ago, the challenge of implementation kept cropping up.
13 June 2012
It is rare for a controversial industry to engage with its critics, seek advice and pledge positive action for sustainable development.