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24 October 2012
Humans are made up of two halves – the heart and head, and the lower bit, "stomach, sex and kicks.” Focusing on the middle tells you nothing about the two extreme halves.
24 October 2012
Given the challenges, developing rigorous methods to assess how the rush for land is exacerbating land scarcity and affecting people locally is perhaps the most promising way to measure the scale of the problem.
19 October 2012
We know that real change takes place when we learn by doing, and as development specialists we are all very good at telling people what to do. But as researchers and practitioners engaged in a shared learning process for change we still have a very long way to go.
15 October 2012
The Food and Agriculture Organization's 2012 World Food Day focuses on co-operatives.This time around co-operatives need to be what the small-scale farmers actually want. Sometimes that means something quite informal.
12 October 2012
The Asian Coalition for Community Action is challenging the traditional model of aid by providing small grants to low-income communities to upgrade the ‘slums’ or informal settlements in which they live.
11 October 2012
Kenya’s pastoralists have an image problem. Their negative depiction by the Kenyan media ignores their knowledge and skills, which have led them to become a cornerstone of the country’s economy.
8 October 2012
Are utility companies forgetting that their core function is to provide services and not just make money?
2 October 2012
As delegates gather for the 11th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity this photostory looks at why two communities in India and Borneo have developed community protocols.
2 October 2012
Does the treatment of forests at home influence what different donor nations prioritise and support abroad?
28 September 2012
Economists continually fail to get the message across. Nowhere is this more evident than in dealing with ecosystem services.