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19 September 2012
It’s a sad reflection of reality that my first reaction to the news of Hang Serei Oudom’s murder was not one of shock or surprise.
17 September 2012
The role of markets and the green economy, and the risks of monetising nature were two key themes that emerged from the Conference.
13 September 2012
Chen promotes new agricultural techniques in China, but he dreams of farming in Senegal because he wants to share his skills and do something meaningful.
13 September 2012
What does excellent research mean? And how can it be achieved?
7 September 2012
David Satterthwaite asks why representatives from the federations and networks of slum or shack dwellers were absent from almost all the official events and wonders when their priorities will get the attention they deserve.
6 September 2012
New deals between flower-growers in Kenya and big retailers such as Walmart offer African farmers a chance to expand.
6 September 2012
At the start of the World Conservation Congress in Jeju, South Korea, IIED’s Director Camilla Toulmin, reflects on the controversies and challenges that it faces.
14 August 2012
Why have global leaders endorsed partial Millennium Development Goal targets, asks Diana Mitlin, leaving millions without water, sanitation or healthcare?
10 August 2012
The environmental community has been rightly wary of markets. But payments for environmental services can play a role in protecting nature, so long as governments guide, govern and regulate such markets.
1 August 2012
While climate change is a global problem, many countries are forging ahead with their own national climate change plans – and MPs are important actors in this process.