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14 November 2013
As trade talks regain momentum, ‘land grab’ activists are scrutinising negotiations and pioneering new opportunities for public accountability.
13 November 2013
Even the best of efforts to adapt to climate change may not be enough to prevent loss and damage, and that's why the UN climate talks need to agree a mechanism to handle this new issue, says Saleemul Huq.
7 November 2013
For a new global climate agreement to be truly equitable —and get global buy-in — it must share the burden of adaptation as well as that of mitigation.
6 November 2013
Gaps between the expectations of developing countries and the low emissions targets and climate finance promised by developed countries must be bridged at the Warsaw climate talks.
1 November 2013
Incentives to protect marine and coastal environments could be more effective than a ‘command and control’ approach, but only if reinforced by efficient, transparent and equitable governance.
1 November 2013
"In Our World" relates to IIED's world of environment and development. It connects us with what’s going on in both the real world and online worlds.
31 October 2013
At the UN climate conference in Copenhagen 2009, developed countries committed to provide funds rising to US$100 billion per year by 2020 to support developing countries in their efforts to addres
30 October 2013
Three new studies from Vietnam show how research can help governments devise solutions that help their citizens adapt to the effects of climate change.
24 October 2013
We need new people, new tools and new ideas to ensure a future for great apes – that was the key message from the 2013 Great Apes Summit.
20 October 2013
Investment crowdfunding provides locally-sourced finance for renewable energy projects in the UK. Could this model work in poorer nations?