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14 February 2013
Our oceans give us food and oxygen, regulate climate and offer untold riches, yet are in deep trouble. So what should a new Global Ocean Commission do about it?
13 February 2013
Here’s a step by step guide to the issues so you can both impress your lover with lovely blooms or choccies and your new-found knowledge on how to share the love more widely.
11 February 2013
With London Fashion week almost here, the fashion industry can learn lessons from SOKO, a Kenyan textiles supplier, on how to produce great fashion that also improves local livelihoods.
8 February 2013
"In Our World" relates to IIED's world of environment and development. It connects us with what’s going on in both the real world and online worlds. As we develop this new feature its content and length will vary – so do let us know what you like and don’t like about it.
31 January 2013
This is the first in a series of regular posts in which either I or Suzanne Fisher-Murray will publish links to top content we have seen online in the past week.
22 January 2013
Political and business leaders gathering in Davos will discuss ‘resilient dynamism’, but their distrust of informal economies is a missed opportunity.
22 January 2013
Instead of talking about climate change mitigation or adaptation, low carbon resilience has become the new buzzword in climate policy.
18 January 2013
As French and Malian combat soldiers fight al-Qaeda-linked groups in Mali, the director of IIED reflects on her experiences of life in a village near Diabaly, close to the conflict.
7 January 2013
The big events and non-events from this last year that could have long-term repercussions on the sustainable development of our planet, from IIED's Director.
13 December 2012
Putting less emphasis on carbon payments and more on supporting sustainable enterprise could give REDD+ projects longer-term financial security.