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9 December 2014
The economics and distribution of development benefits of large dams continue to be a source of controversy. Every dam is different, and efforts to generalise from a few (often well known, but sometimes exceptional) examples continue to cause challenges in reaching common ground on the past development contribution of the 50,000 dams worldwide today and the need for more
18 November 2014
On World Toilet Day on 19 November, our photoblog details the work of IIED and its partners to tackle the fact that 2.5 billion people lack access to basic sanitation
27 October 2014
Achieving universal sanitation is a major challenge. A joint delegation from Malawi came to World Water Week in Stockholm to share their work on sanitation in the city of Blantyre
30 August 2013
Should development be just for the majority or is it possible to ensure development for all?
21 June 2013
It’s easier to prevent pollution harnessing the forces of nature than to clean up the mess with costly technology. Is there a solution at hand?
19 April 2013
A new dam in Niger could generate electricity, create thousands of hectares of irrigated land and guarantee water for domestic use and fisheries. But making sure the dam benefits everyone is a complicated business.
15 March 2012
Water and water crises will dominate the news this week from Marseille, where the sector convenes for its triennial global meeting, the World Water Forum. Some 33,000 participants attended the last one, in Istanbul in 2009, and similar numbers are expected this year.
29 March 2011

We had been driven for seven hours from Dhaka through hair-raising traffic to see some of the practical approaches that Caritas was using in t

12 December 2009

Day 1 of IIED’s Development and Climate Days: Land, Water and Forests