Sustainable markets blogs

28 March 2014
What's next for schemes that pay communities to protect local ecosystems? This is what leading researchers and practitioners in the field came together to discuss at IIED's conference in Edinburgh last week
10 March 2014
To assess whether a promising approach to reduce poverty and conserve forests in Uganda really works, we need to use a randomised controlled trial, says Paul Hatanga.
28 January 2014
Sustainable fisheries must be central to the new global development goals that all nations will pursue from 2015, says Essam Yassin Mohammed.
28 January 2014
Payments for ecosystem services have the potential to promote healthier ecosystems and fairer deals for smallholders. This is all very good, but where will the money for such schemes come from?
18 December 2013
Linking commodities that drive deforestation with gender offers great opportunities that capitalise on the advantages of different actors
10 December 2013
The end of November was an exciting time for IIED’s Sustainable Markets Group, which launched two publications and an online network, all with a focus on sustainable fisheries. Grace Philip reports.
29 November 2013
Costa Rica has adopted a mix of economic and regulatory policies to protect its forests – the eclectic mix of ingredients could be judged a recipe for success.
1 November 2013
Incentives to protect marine and coastal environments could be more effective than a ‘command and control’ approach, but only if reinforced by efficient, transparent and equitable governance.
16 September 2013
Universal energy access is a laudable aim, but attempts to achieve it must take on board local contexts and sensitivities, say Sarah Wykes and Ben Garside.
7 August 2013
How do you raise $1 trillion dollars of investment in 17 years? That’s what the International Energy Agency says is needed to achieve the UN’s goal of universal energy access by 2030.