Natural resource management blogs

26 February 2015
The junior mining sector – those who search for deposits and develop and operate new mines – is diverse and complex, their issues unique. It includes exploration firms, institutional investors and operators - drillers, financiers and mine managers. Juniors often-face greater operational risks, working with an unproven geological resource, often in remote locations where large-scale mining (LSM) has not happened before. They are constrained by funding, experience high levels of investor scrutiny, and have few staff. Yet when it comes to relations between artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) and the rest of the mining sector, the junior operator is one of the principal interfaces where the rubber meets the road.
11 February 2015
As the mining sector gathers for the annual Indaba meeting, Steve Bass suggests that ongoing purposeful dialogue could make a big difference in tackling the problems facing the artisinal mining sector
5 February 2015
Not enough has been heard from local voices in the mining sector over the last 10 years. In the next year, this needs to change.
4 February 2015
Four lessons for successful locally controlled forest enterprises from the Forest Connect workshop in Vietnam
9 December 2014
The economics and distribution of development benefits of large dams continue to be a source of controversy. Every dam is different, and efforts to generalise from a few (often well known, but sometimes exceptional) examples continue to cause challenges in reaching common ground on the past development contribution of the 50,000 dams worldwide today and the need for more
5 December 2014
Last month's once-a-decade World Parks Congress didn't talk enough about 'equity' when managing protected areas — but at least it's on the agenda
25 November 2014
In Bolivia, the state is providing support to encourage community organisations to trial innovative new business models that challenge free market norms. Could such new ways of doing business also deliver greater benefits for the planet?
12 November 2014
Artisanal and small-scale miners informally produce 15-20 per cent of the world's gold and 80 per cent of its sapphires. Yet the sector faces complex problems. IIED and its partners have published two papers on the risks
11 November 2014
Kenya needs to fix a wood demand-supply gap of 12 million m³ per year. So the launch of the Forest Farm Facility in Nariobi on 6 November was timely
4 November 2014
A UN working group has drafted targets to succeed the Millennium Development Goals, which will expire next year. IIED's assessment finds a strong set of targets, but also trade-offs and missing issues