Green economy blogs

31 October 2014
A major recent government restructure could present obstacles as well as opportunities for Kazakhstan's transition to a green economy
4 April 2014
Progressive countries, including some of the world's poorest, are acting to green their economies and build resilience to climate change
19 February 2014
People who work on climate change policy often receive too much information, or struggle to access the right knowledge, in the right format, when they need it. Two kinds of organisations can help.
30 January 2014
Kazakhstan is taking the lead among Central Asian countries by aspiring to make the leap to a green economy. Saule Ospanova sets out ten recommendations to help it on its way.
10 December 2013
The post-2015 development agenda will most profoundly affect the least developed countries (LDCs), so it's essential that people in these countries have a greater say in what the goals look like.
1 October 2013
To achieve its goal of being a middle-income climate-resilient green economy, Ethiopia needs new ways to use public funds to promote private investment.
13 June 2013
The OECD’s latest report begins to bridge the growing divide between international institutions’ focus on green growth, and developing countries’ need for greater equity.
5 June 2013
The UN Secretary General's High-Level Panel has published their set of recommendations for international development. What is the verdict? How do they ‘score’?
25 March 2013
Despite the challenges, Ethiopia hopes to capitalise on its current economic growth by becoming more resilient to the impacts of climate change while developing its economy in a carbon neutral way.
1 March 2013
A Chatham House hosted meeting on green growth offers clues for governments perplexed as to how and when to get the economy growing again – this time more sustainably.