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29 April 2014
Many of the 500 million small farms that produce the bulk of food consumed in developing countries have no access to modern energy services. Why doesn't more research and innovation focus on getting energy to them?
31 March 2014
Never heard of no-till agriculture? It's revolutionising agriculture in Australia and other drylands countries. "No-Till Bill", a pioneer in the technique, is now spreading the word in Europe
31 March 2014
A balloon, a camera and some interviews are helping researchers map a hidden aspect of food insecurity in an informal settlement in Nairobi
17 December 2013
The film "Planting for Change" tells the story of how farmers in Guangxi and Yunnan provinces have responded to climatic adversity by using their own innovations and biocultural heritage
2 October 2013
Indigenous knowledge is innovative, not static. Protecting it will help food security.
4 June 2013
Almost half the food the world produces is thrown away. Reducing food waste is an economic, ethical and environmental challenge which grassroots initiatives are starting to address.
11 March 2013
Land tenure relations are changing fast, but no one is asking how these drastic changes will transform the lives of Ugandans who depend on land for their identity, social status and livelihoods.
6 December 2012
Tipping the Balance, a new report, has discovered that current popular policies can tip the balance away from small farmers. How can we ensure small holder farmers get a better deal?
6 December 2012
Agricultural investment policies favour big businesses, a new report shows. We must reshape them so investments meet local people's needs.
28 November 2012
Our new book shines light on how small-scale farmers are making their choices — about how to modernise appropriately, and about balancing costs, risks, benefits and uncertainties.