Climate change blogs

9 April 2014
We need a plan. A plan that will guide us towards achieving real impact for smallholders around the world
4 April 2014
Progressive countries, including some of the world's poorest, are acting to green their economies and build resilience to climate change
3 April 2014
Cambodia is one of several countries that are developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks to track different climate change actions at national as well as local levels
3 April 2014
"Climate consists of so many things to us," says Ibrahim Shone, a pastoralist in Isiolo County in Northern Kenya. "It's not only weather, it's also about how we prepare for droughts and diseases, and find enough grass for our animals. These things change with the seasons."
2 April 2014
IIED Senior Fellow Saleemul Huq, one of the co-authors of the latest IPCC report on climate change, highlights the key findings of the publication and what policymakers need to do next
31 March 2014
Focus groups, choice experiments and votes in villages reveal big difference in how communities wish to be rewarded for avoiding deforestation
24 March 2014
Social learning has been identified as an approach that has the potential to improve the quality of stakeholder participation in and uptake of research
19 March 2014
Tanzanian meteorologists and traditional weather forecasters in pastoralist communities are working together to develop a unified system of climate information.
18 March 2014
Assessing how development interventions can help people cope with climate variability will help us prepare better measures for the effects of future climate change, say Simon Anderson and Fawad Khan
18 March 2014
Proponents of community-based adaptation to climate change need to put communities in the driving seat, says Anju Sharma