Biodiversity blogs

24 August 2014
A new network being set up in the Democratic Republic of the Congo aims to bring organisations together on poverty and conservation issues
20 August 2014
Poverty threatens wildlife conservation despite widespread efforts to integrate conservation and development so that local communities benefit. So what's going wrong? Our research suggests it's social justice that's missing.
1 August 2014
A new project will explore the different reasons people commit wildlife crimes and suggest ways governments can respond without harming the poorest communities
22 May 2014
Protecting an island paradise shouldn't come down to money, but it sometimes seems that way for those trying to ensure that development in the Seychelles is not at the cost of its rich biodiversity
31 March 2014
There is an explicit assumption in international policy statements that conserving biodiversity can help in efforts to tackle global poverty
11 March 2014
A new framework for assessing the social impacts of protected areas will be key to ensuring conservation is effective, and contributes to human well-being and poverty reduction
10 March 2014
Life's too short for long, dull text – and when life itself is the topic, it is critical to get the message across in a quick, clear way.
3 March 2014
Ensuring local communities benefit from wildlife is key to successful conservation in the long term and can also help to fight the illegal wildlife trade. Share your community success stories with us on World Wildlife Day.
4 February 2014
Considerable sums have been spent on projects designed to provide people with alternative ways to make a living in and around protected or biodiverse areas. But do such projects work?
24 October 2013
We need new people, new tools and new ideas to ensure a future for great apes – that was the key message from the 2013 Great Apes Summit.