Simon Anderson's blog posts

Simon Anderson's current research looks at the effectiveness of climate change adaptation. His areas of expertise include agriculture and agro-economic systems, as well as policy analysis, programme management monitoring and evaluation.

31 Oct 2013  |  Climate change
At the UN climate conference in Copenhagen 2009, developed countries committed to provide funds rising to US$100 billion per year by 2020 to support developing countries in their efforts...
10 Oct 2013  |  Climate change
The fund got a boost yesterday at the Scottish Government’s International Climate Justice Conference when First Minister Alex Salmond announced a new pledge of £3 million.
06 Dec 2012  |  Climate change, Governance, Policy and planning
IIED and its partners are developing tailored frameworks to help developing countries evaluate their climate adaptation investments.
31 Oct 2012  |  Climate change
Policymakers need to better integrate strategies for dealing with climate change into their country’s development plans, rather than leaving them isolated as stand-alone policies and...