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20 May 2015
IIED’s Communications Learning Week provided director of communications Liz Carlile with four key points to remember when trying to communicate to influence policy
20 May 2015
A two-day 'visioning workshop' on artisanal and small-scale mining generated a shared sense of optimism – and a vision to wake up the 'big lazy, sleeping giant" that is government
20 May 2015
A recent workshop in Mozambique identified five ways to sustainably intensify agriculture
15 May 2015
This year International Day of Families is focusing on gender equality. As IIED embarks on our own gender audit, Isilda Nhantumbo looks at the importance of gender and family roles within the workplace
13 May 2015
Is poverty a driver of wildlife crime? What impacts does wildlife crime have on poor people? And what impacts do responses to wildlife crime have on poor people? A new report looks for answers
12 May 2015
A visit to Rwanda with the WAVES programme brings up the question of whether you should communicate when it seems you have nothing substantial to say
11 May 2015
Conservation efforts are increasingly supposed to achieve equity – but what does this mean and how can it be assessed? Phil Franks shares some ideas that may help
7 May 2015
The 9th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation featured stanzas as well as sessions and statements; rhyme as well as reason. Here, guest poet Evah Wanjiru shares some environmental verse based on her experiences in Kenya
1 May 2015
Ahead of the UN Forum on Forests meeting in New York, IIED’s Jonathan Reeves argues that achieving the Sustainable Development Goals – particularly for forests – depends upon integration and compromise and asks whether the political will exists to lay aside egos and break down institutional barriers
30 April 2015
Bangladesh has become a "poster child" for adaptation work. For people working at a national level, attending CBA9 provides an opportunity to learn and share experiences internationally