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29 Apr 2014  |  Economics, Forests
After several years of negotiations, a framework has been agreed to compensate developing nations for avoiding deforestation. IIED hosted a conference to examine what happens now
29 Jan 2014  |  Climate change, Forests
Weak engagement with businesses that operate in forest landscapes and a lack of clarity about who has rights to the carbon in trees are among the problems facing private-sector REDD+
18 Dec 2013  |  Climate change, Forests, Gender
Linking commodities that drive deforestation with gender offers great opportunities that capitalise on the advantages of different actors
13 Dec 2012  |  Climate change, Forests, Natural resource management
Putting less emphasis on carbon payments and more on supporting sustainable enterprise could give REDD+ projects longer-term financial security.
27 Jul 2012  |  Forests
How could obtaining the free prior, and informed consent of communities be applied to REDD+, a scheme that aims to compensate communities for keeping their forests standing?
17 Nov 2011  |  Forests, Natural resource management
With the dusk of the International Year of Forests fast approaching, reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, sustainable forest management, conservation and...
10 Nov 2011  |  Forests, Natural resource management
As policymakers prepare to discuss REDD+ at UN climate talks in Durban, they should heed the lessons learned from years of experience in participatory forest management across the...
15 Sep 2011  |  Forests, Land acquisitions and rights
Land is cheap and is perceived to be abundant in Africa. A scramble for its land, following the food and fuel crisis three years ago, is on. European and North American companies have been...
08 Sep 2011  |  Forests
Assessing projects to reduce deforestation and forest degradation is not just about measuring how much carbon they have sequestered or enhanced. It is equally about asking what such...
09 May 2011  |  Forests, Natural resource management
The International Year of Forests is celebrating the importance of forests and raising the profile of challenges and opportunities. The perceived value of forests has been raised by the...